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    Microsystems International (UK) Limited are a training provider located in North-west of London.


    We have a team of specialist Training and development consultants to cover all spectrum, with several years experience in designing and delivering courses,An extensive range of courses and workshops include IT solutions, business analysis, Management courses and other professional courses all geared towards enhancing value both for the trainee and sponsors alike.


    Furthermore, we work closely with our individual clients to produce unique or bespoke courses based on your Training Needs Analysis, which we would produce in consultation with you in order to support your Training and Development aspirations.


    We also provide long term coaching and mentoring programmes as well as one off Facilitation Workshops, which are superb and productive ways to bring your teams and their ideas together, resulting in measurable Business improvements.


    Other Development support we provide include expert Personality Profiling Workshops which help you to identify your Teams skills and strengths in order to maximise their potential to your Business. Motivational and confidence building workshops are also offered, which are geared towards maximising productivity within your organisation.