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  • Business Address

    Business Address


    A business address will help you to present a professional image and help your business to be perceived as being bigger than it actually is which helps open doors to dealing with larger companies, it can also help you establish yourself in other areas or countries. Overheads are dramatically reduced and there are no hidden fees.


    Mail Forwarding


    We offer our clients “City” Office without the big price tag. Our Mail forwarding and mail handling are for businesses or personal use. We will either hold your mail for collection (where applicable) or forward your mail on to you at cost of postage.


    There are no suite or PO Box numbers, which allows you to just apply your company name to our mail forwarding address. Upon signing up, you are then eligible to apply the address to all your company stationery, website and other material such as advertising and marketing. It gives the impression that you are physically trading from the address your mail is being delivered to and having those contact details on your stationary is an added bonus to establishing you as an up an coming company.You may also use the address for your companies registered office, which is charged as an additional cost.


    Benefits of taking us up on a mail forwarding service include:


    • Portray a professional image
    • Be perceived to be larger than you really are
    • Opens the door to dealing with bigger organisation
    • Lets you establish yourself in another area or country
    • Severely reduces the overheads of your company or set up cost
    • We also receive and sign for packages  parcels
    • We also offer Meeting Rooms
    • No hidden fees