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    This is when a caller would like to speak to you straight away so we put them on hold whilst calling you on your mobile or on another land line.  We then ask you whether you want to speak to them.  If you do we will patch you through to them.  If you don't we will go back to the caller and take a message.

    If it's just the number you want, then we can have the number patch through to you or patch through to a designated line over at your end.

    If you decide to use our Fax to Email service, you will be allocated a dedicated fax line which is for your company alone and for the duration that you are a client of the company. If you select the Personalised Telephone Answering Service, then the two numbers will normally be consecutive (e.g. 020 8202 2828 then your fax number will be 020 8202 2829). Any faxes which come through to your Dedicated Fax to Email line will be converted to a PDF file and emailed to you and an alert text message sent to you.

    As long as you have access to the internet and your email, you'll have instant access to the faxes which have been sent to you. This is great if you're abroad or if you're out of the office. It comes straight to your email address.

    Any faxes which we forward on to you are saved before they get emailed, which means if you need a fax resent to you, you just need to let us know the date it was faxed and we can send it to you.

    Our pleasant and specialist team will strive to ensure that your appointments are recorded; schedule your meetings, timesheet entry, resource scheduling, attendance and time tracking, time billing, general time management and notify you of upcoming task.

    • Ad hoc & dedicated admin assistance
    • Document creation, typing & data entry
    • Meeting room materials assistance
    • Mail & fax management
    • Online diaries
    • Automated recruitment service for advertising without congesting your switchboard  
    • 24 hour virtual switchboard with automated choices
    • Recordable messages that provide information to clients
    • Full IT technical support and facilities
    • Book keeping
    • Web design
    • Translation Services
    • Secretarial services
    • Courier services
    • Hotel and travel bookings
    • Business lunches to cater to your specific requirements
    • Butler service to meeting rooms
    • Self serve tea, coffee, fruits, bottled water and fruit juices

    This call might be free for some numbers, However international numbers attract a charge. Calls are made Monday to through Friday, 09:00 to 18:00 (GMT).

    We help you to maintain business and personal interests back home while you are away. Microsystems will provide you with the right tools to take care of interests back home ensuring you can maintain a business or personal presence in the UK while keeping the costs low, and if it's for business purposes, help with presenting a professional business image.

    Our expatriate service encompass all the facilities mentioned above and whatever you organisation need within reason, which helps you stay in touch with UK family, friends and business interests.

    We can resource information for your business, source data for any business idea, software and hardware to back your operation. 

    • Benefits of virtually working.
    • Collaborate to gain the competitive edge
    • Robot managers, brain-enhanced employees and collaboration
    • Starting a Business
    • Why Your Business Needs a Good Telephone Answering Service
    • Identifying training needs and trainers
    • Building a Positive Business Perception
    • Business Plan & proposal
    • Details information about Individual or Companies 

    We have billing solution for mastering client’s payment. We can keep track of what tasks are currently completed, or have yet to be started.

    • Invoice clients for projects that have been completed.
    • Invoice generation can be done by selecting a date range of tasks or by selecting specific projects to include in an invoice.
    • Invoice clients on a recurring basis.
    • Automatic billing.