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    Telephone Answering


    It's very important  that your calls are handled in a professional manner. Our receptionists are the first port of call for your company. Our Office understands this, so we make sure that our receptionists are highly skilled and trained to handle calls on behalf of your organisation.

    Calls are answered in Your Company Name, and then either patched through, or details of the caller made available to you by a number of contact mediums including SMS, email and fax. The Call Centres are available to our clients and operate during local business hours and in some instances, operate 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year.

    All lines come with a personalised voice mailbox which means that any calls that come through to your line out of hours will be diverted straight to you voice mail. On the next available working day the message will be transcribed and either emailed to you. This is ideal if you use the standard business hours service.


    Personalised Telephone Answering Services -

    If you decide to use a Personalised Telephone Answering Service you are allocated a dedicated number which is for your company alone for the duration that you are a client of the company. If you select the fax to email service you will be allocated a dedicated fax number and any faxes that arrive for you will be converted into PDF format and emailed to the email address you supply.


    The two options normally available for call handling are to either patch the call through to a number supplied by you (either land line or mobile) or to take contact details and a message down and email a message or send an SMS TXT message to your mobile.Two optional facilities with regards to the times your phone calls are answered are normally available too normal business hours - Monday to Friday 9.00am-7.00pm .

    Some of the most advantageous aspects of utilising a Personalised Telephone Answering Service are the reassurance and knowledge that your telephone calls will always be answered. Unanswered calls can equal lost business. We ensure that you never miss a phone call. This is particularly pertinent if you are just starting out as a new business. Another advantage is that you lower or no overhead costs by not having to employ a full time receptionist. 

    Jusy give us ONE month notice
     £15 per month + VAT  
    Divert to your mobile or other line
    Low usage  £15.00 additional call charges
    Medium Usuage £20 per month all inclusive
    High Usage  £30 per month all inclusive

    if you're looking for an international number or an 0845 or 0870 number those options are also available.