Microsystems Umbrella
Prices and fees

Our Fees

We do not take a percentage of your salary unlike other umbrella companies, if your pay increases, our cost stays the same and the extra money goes into your pocket for you to spend on the things you like. We operate a fixed fee policy and there are no hidden extras. Our fee is deducted from funds received when we make payment to you – in this way you will only pay us when you are earning and not when you are in between contracts.

Our Prices

Standard Payroll: Payment processed same day:

If you prefer regular payments to structure your finances, we will process your weekly or monthly payments on our closest Thursday payroll:

  • Weekly £30
  • Monthly £130
  • Same Day Payment Processing FREE

    (£25 for Banks not in the Faster Payment Scheme)

  • Expense Claim Processing FREE

Standard Payroll: Payment processed same day:

  • Duplicate documents £5
  • Reference letters (Members) £10
  • Reference letters (Non-members) £50

    (£25 for Banks not in the Faster Payment Scheme)

  • Verified Payslips £10
  • Mortgage & Visa applications £25

    (refundable at end of contract)

  • IR35 review £125
  • Self Assessment Tax £50
  • P60-Duplicate £20
  • Payslips (Sage Paper) £15
  • Payslips (email copy) FREE

How you Get Paid

We process most of the money that comes from agencies for our contractors on the same day. Our fantastic team ensure that payments are accurate and on time.

Here’s how we get your money to you. Once we receive funds from your agent, we make sure that the payment matches our online records before processing them.

We’ll then calculate your tax and NI contributions and make payments to HMRC on your behalf on a PAYE basis. At the same time we look into any tax relief for allowable expenses and any tax benefits you are entitled to.

We’ll transfer the maximum net pay to your account. Our normal payment method is BACS. We will then email you a detailed payslip and send you a text message to notify you of payment made.